Vision Statement

The vision for the next 5-10 years is to transform Loftus into a sustainable, contemporary market town. One that provides amenities, attractions and a focus for its passionate community and a well-connected base for visitors. Celebrating the town’s unique heritage and landscape and supported by a year-round programme of events, the town will become a vibrant hub for independent retail and entertainment for people of all ages. A broadened accommodation offer will provide an aspirational place to make a home, a memorable destination for visitors and a sustainable location for businesses.

The vision statement has been developed through a series of stakeholder workshops to reflect the comments, opinions and objectives of local community, Council and stakeholders. The key themes of what are supporting are as follows:

What we are supporting

Celebrate History and Heritage 

Maintain and reveal the unique history and heritage of the area.


Celebrate natural environment

Protect and enhance the natural environment, improving the quality and access to the local landscape for all, now and in the future.

Opportunities for Independent retail 

Stimulate new and diverse retail and culture on Loftus high street, celebrating local artisans and produce.


Promote a clean, safe and green community, where people and organisations embrace their environmental responsibilities.

Improve culture and leisure

Increase access to cultural and leisure venues and events.

Evening Economy 

Increase and diversify the night time offer for visitors and residents. 

Improve Visitor appeal

Increase number of visitors and dwell time in Loftus.

Connectivity and community

Improve connectivity with adjoining communities and wider region. Public transport will be reliable and accessible and its use encouraged. 

Year round events and activities

Provide uses and events which attract visitors all year round.

Range of visitor Accommodation 

Increase and diversify the accommodation offer for visitors.

Signage and routes

Improve connectivity and accessibility for walkers and cyclists and make it easier for visitors to navigate through the town

Improve town centre appearance

De-clutter and uplift the high street with associated landscaping works to improve the overall streetscape

Businesses to grow and thrive

Provide new workspaces and improved opportunities for new and existing businesses.

I believe these proposals will improve Loftus High Street


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