The community has its say on the Community Hub

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council have developed a series of exciting new proposals to regenerate and improve your high street. Our vision is to transform Loftus into a modern market town with facilities and attractions for residents and a memorable destination for visitors. We want to celebrate the town’s unique heritage and landscape and bring a year-round programme of events to the area.

Duncan Place will bring together existing Youth and Community centre, the Family Hub and Loftus library under one roof to create a new cultural and community destination. It will promote community togetherness, bringing people together from a cross-section of the community in an inspiring and welcoming environment. The new facility will be multi-purpose, provide a space for skills development and encourage people of all ages to engage in reading and learning, as well as providing family and youth support services.

Duncan Place will also connect into nearby Coronation Park, promoting outdoors events and improved well-being through a connection to nature. Services newly co-located will benefit from increased public presence and visibility to each other, improving access for users and supporting partnership working.

The consultation has now ended and we would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and feedback. Find out more by watching the video below.


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