RESIDENTS and visitors of Loftus will see parts of the High Street transformed this year, as key construction projects will begin to take shape

We’ve been very busy over the past two years working on schemes to Loftus and the High Street. A significant amount of development work has gone into the projects before they are deliverable on the ground, such as: feasibility and engagement with users, appointment of design teams, undertaking of extensive surveys, working up designs, pre-planning consultations, planning applications, submission of business cases, securing of other statutory approvals such as Council and Cabinet, and procuring of contractors. 

We now anticipate 2023 to be a year of lots of visible activity on the ground around the High Street.

These projects have been externally funded with deadline spend conditions, which means we are unfortunately unable to stagger the projects over a longer period.

Whilst we plan to coordinate all construction works in the most efficient manner possible, there will inevitably be disruption to residents and visitors over the course of these works.

We are aware, for example, that there is frustration at the quantity of temporary traffic lights along the length of the High Street, some of which are being delivered by third  parties. These are required to undertake key infrastructure and building works in a safe manner. We anticipate that the major works requiring these temporary traffic lights will be concluded by the summer and we ask for your patience over this period.   

Please take a look at the above map, or click PROJECTS to see what is being delivered and when.

Upon completion of these works, Loftus will have been transformed into a modern market town which generates jobs, increases pride, and improves the quality of life for its community, as well as offering exciting facilities and attractions for visitors. Through the projects, we are celebrating the town’s unique heritage and landscape that will encourage independent retail growth and become a vibrant place for people of all ages.


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